Sharpey Update

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  1. I've decided not to buy it. :nogood:

    It would come to approximately $4,000 with tax, but that's not why I decided against it. The reason I am not buying it, is because I'm not sure the bag has been really well designed. (For $4000, it should be a fabulous design.)

    I love lambskin, and so of course, the bag is fabulously soft and squishy. It's nice and big too. It has grommets to keep the bag in a permanently slouchy/ruched/wrinkled position and although I like that, I'm not sure I love it.

    I recently bought the Prada Gauffre, which is also a ruched (although not wrinkled) bag, and the design of it just seems so well thought out. I get the feeling a lot of thought was put into the Gauffre. I didn't get that feeling with the Sharpey. So I'm not getting it.... but maybe I'll change my mind.

    I'm curious as to everyone else's thoughts! :yes:
  2. I would love to hear a side by side comparison. I am thinking of the prada so am very interested!
  3. ^^It's not really fair of me to compare the two, because the design is so different. The Sharpey is just wrinkled/slouchy and the Prada is ruched, without being held by grommets.

    I compared them, because I think using the grommets to make a bag contorted, is kind of an easy way to make wrinkles. There's really no "design" process.

    I guess the price tag is making me very opinionated on this. Normally, I'm not so opinionated about design, when it comes to hand bags. :p
  4. I am on the waitlist for one of the Sharpey styles. The SA should me a picture of three different ones, however, the one I have on waitlist is 2,225.00 (or something close to that price).
  5. The one I almost bought (I was actually reaching for my CC) was the large tote. I came to my senses just in time. Has no one else seen it in stores yet?
  6. Sorry to be soo innocent.. What does the sharpey looks like?
  7. ^^ I haven't seen a picture posted of the one I was thinking of getting. The picture in that post is calf and a really large tote.

    The one in stores now, is lambskin, no quilting, but with a silver chain down the side, kind of similar to the MC tote. It's really wrinkled too.
  8. Hi it was one of the first bags on my list but after I found out it was lambskin I have moved on to the modern chain in that cool looking leather xxS
  9. how much is the modern chain tote? Hopefully not $4000!!!
  10. Hmmm.. I don't feel the sharpey at all..

    Thanks katie for the pics! hehe !:biggrin:
  11. That's not the bag that's in stores now. The one that katie showed is calf, quilted and not wrinkled... the lambskin Sharpey is really wrinkled.
  12. I kinda like the look of it...I love a mooshy bag :tup:
  13. Has no one seen the lambskin/wrinkled Sharpey?
  14. Jayne, that was my thought too when I saw the photos of the Sharpey line. Although I haven't seen the bag you speak of, the photos that have been posted don't look like they warrant the price tag. Chanel is known for its classic bags and although they've hit the mark on some of their more contemporary collections (Modern Chain, Cabas), others fall short in the creativity department. That's only my opinion though and sometimes it changes when I see a bag IRL. I remember thinking the Cloudy Bundle looked tacky in photos and then turned around and bought it after seeing it IRL!