SHARPEY (Shar Pei) Lambskin Shoulder bag

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  1. Has anyone else seen the Sharpey - Shar Pei shoulder bag that is coming for early fall? The book called it "Sharpey" but with the word "Shar Pei" in brackets. The bag has a kind of rouching on the sides, but when I saw the name, I realized that the side rouching was supposed to be (resemble?) very deep wrinkles.

    A SA showed me the book a few weeks ago... and since I am only interested in very large bags at the moment, that was the one that caught my eye.

    It was around $3,500 :nuts: because it is large and made of "ultra soft lambskin". My concern is... will it look really cool or will it look like the bag has collapsed, kind of fallen in on itself.

    Those of you who love structured bags will not be interested, but for those of us who love squishy bags, this may be a possibility. I don't know whether to get a soft bag now, in May, or pass it up by gambling that the Sharpey will be better.
  2. Sounds interesting-

    Here are some Sharpei dogs in case anyone was wondering lol!
  3. ^ cute dogs!
  4. ^^ The bags were not quite as super wrinkled as the puppies, more like an adult Shar Pei.:lol:
  5. no, haven't seen the bags, but are those pups not the absolute cutest?!:love:
  6. I have a Shar Pei, her name is Zoe. I can't wait to see a picture of the bag.
  7. ^^ aww, i love Shar Pei. They are so cute and tough.
    LOve to see the bag.
  8. If the bag is half as cool as those puppies then it will be a great bag. I love squishy bags and any king of dog! :smile:
    Can't wait to see the pics!
  9. yeah, the bag sounds interesting, cant wait to see the look book...
  10. ooh I hope we'll get to see this bag at the trunk show may 7 at Saks BH.
  11. cute dogs hehe!
  12. Since it's a large bag, I can't wait to see it! It was nice to have the pic of the adorable puppies in the meantime, though, so thanks to you too, Sammiekat!
  13. i bet the bag will be great.
  14. i really like the idea of a flappy bag like that! i want some pics :smile:
  15. i can't wait to see this bag!!
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