Sharpey on sale?

  1. Ladies-

    have you ever seen sharpey on sale during this season???? I LOVE sharpey and would like to get one if any dept. store has a discount on them. Please please let me know!!!

    Thank you in advance:heart:
  2. Nope! U get an egc card thru Saks if u order on dec 15th... That's about the best deal u can get
  3. I too am dying to find out. There are already brand NWT ones on eBay at well below retail prices, so I'm guessing they were marked down somewhere (and the eBay ones I'm referring to are definitely authentic from legit/trusted sellers -- am so lusting after the one PersonalShoppers has put up...someone please buy it before I go crazy and hit BIN). There was an earlier post about BG having a 40% sale on those(?) but then BG seemed to be denying it after a bunch of PFers (myself included) called to inquire.