sharpey ligne

  1. does anyone know if i can find a Small lambskin tote in the sharpey ligne, if so where and how much? i wasnt aware there were different sizes untill i was looking throught the forum and found some pics of the small lambskin tote.​
  2. You can try calling all of the stores, I think the small flap is still around, GL!!
  3. I think the NM in Chicago has one.
  4. You can check with Chevy Chase Saks. I saw the large and small sizes there two weeks ago.
  5. i called bloomingdales, neiman and Saks, bloomingdales is the only said to have gotten them and they are out, so i think it will be a miracle if i can find one, the chanel hotline said they were never in the boutiques
  6. I haven't looked back through the forum but I thought there was the e/w & n/s styles & from the ones I've seen the n/s is smaller & about 2' deep on the bottom without feet. I did see that one a couple of weeks ago at NM in Northbrook... don't know if it's still there. I just got the larger e/w & it's such gorgeous soft leather & light-light weight. I have seen both totes & the larger purse style & loved all 3 much more than I had expected from my first looks at the trunk show last spring. The e/w have been on eBay at great price drops recently... about $900 knocked off!
  7. Yesterday I saw a black Sharpei tote at the Saks in Greenwich, CT
  8. I saw a couple at the NM in BH. Good luck!