Sharpey flap??

  1. Does anyone know what colors they come in and the price?
  2. YEP..I just ordered it for SAT delivery..LOL..Im at the beach till then..

    I got it in black..It comes in BLACK...DARK GREEN .....and DARK SILVER(In HAWAII store only though)
    She said it was ONLY 2195?????lOL...I was like wow..thats ALL??Ive officially lost my mind thinking that that price is LOW>..ROFLMAO...SIGH.
    I got mine from Jillian at Palm beach Gardens CHanel store..LOVE HER!!!!!

    My rained out vacation is killin my bank accnt..I gotta stop ordering stuff over the phone!!!!!..ROFL
  3. I originally was gonna get the dark silver..But I despise I declined the dark silver...
  4. ohh, I can't wail till you get it so maybe you can post some pix:smile:.
  5. ^YEP..Ill be home SAT..Ill post pics as soon as I get it!Im dyin to see it IRL TOO!!
  6. Is this the bag you posted from the hawaii store Jill? I thought it only came in the metallic. If that exact bag comes out in black I am in trouble!!!! I'm not allowed any more black!
  7. ^YEP!LOL!
    It comes in black and dark green(green scares me a tad...HEHE!)
    I swore I wouldnt buy another freakin black bag too...ROFL!
  8. Here are some pics I snagged from the Sharpey thread in the Chanel Shopping sub-forum.

    Jill, I can't wait to see you with this bag!

  9. I'm worried now that I see these pics that my SA is gonna send the hobo looking sharpey flap instead of the tote flap.especially when the price seems too low...gonna call her in AM
  10. Jill, which one do you like better? The one in the first (big) pic?
  11. Chanel at the SH Mall had the Hawaii Sharpey in black yesterday.
  12. Damn, that baby is a MUST have-among the 5 others on my list..:p