Sharpey Collection

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  1. Nordstrom Mall of America currently has several sizes and colors from the Sharpey collection. The small lambskin tote retails for $2950. The large lambskin tote retails for $3350. The large pony tote retails for $3450. The lambskin bags are available in black, white, dark brown. The pony is available only in dark brown.
    Sharpey Small White.JPG Sharpey Small Black.JPG Sharpey Small Tote Brown.JPG Sharpey Tote Black.JPG Sharpey Large Tote Brown.JPG
  2. Here is a photo of the Sharpey in pony.
    Sharpey Tote Pony.JPG
  3. Thanks for sharing Lucas, they look gorgeous :tup: But the prices are scaring me :wtf:
  4. thank's for sharing too:smile:
  5. I have the sharpey in Black..I adore it....The brown keeps temptin me...LOL!
  6. tnx for the pix chanelboy!
  7. I love them.
  8. Great pics!!
  9. Chanel has some beautify bags and beautiful colors this season. Love the big one in brown.
  10. oooh...that pony one looks fab! thanx for sharing!
  11. Oh my, the large brown tote looks GORGEOUS! Is it a fairly light bag? I need to decide if I want the brown expandable tote or this one. And the white color, is it a bright white or more subtle with the greyish undertones? Thanks!
  12. Thanks for the pics, chanelboy! Drool.....
  13. I'm really liking this bag more and more.
  14. Both bags are incredibly light! IMO, they feel about the same on the shoulder (in terms of weight). The expandable tote falls longer down the body, so to me, it is more comfortable. But they are both very light...

  15. I like them,but $$$:sweatdrop: