sharpei or cerf

  1. i'm torturing myself and hoping for some help!

    i am trying to decide between the sharpei quilted frame bag and new black cerf with silver ccs...i love the sharpei but have two little kids and a stay at home mom life and am worried about the delicate lambskin...and i find myself unexpectedly obsessed with the cerf, although my style is usually much less classic and structured i love the way it looks with a casual kinda funky downtown outfit, the contrast just seems really striking to me.

    i will be truly grateful for any and all advice! :heart:
  2. [​IMG]

    black quilted frame sharpei


    cruise collection cerf in white (i'd get black with silver ccs)
  3. I vote for the Cerf. I think it very practical yet chic and classic at the same time.
  4. I have the Cerf and I love it because I can wear it dressed up or dressed down. I'm not fond of the Sharpei.
  5. I love the sharpei, but then seeing the cerf and from reading your post I'd vote for the cerf.
  6. I just ordered the sharpei frame bag, Im in total love with the bag! The sa told me the lambskin is as delicate as we think, it has a lot of oil in it, plus it is quilted so scatches wont show, but if you do get one, you buff it out with your finger. I love the cerf too. I want one for work but just bought a gst ! I say get the frame bag! Im so in love with it. Plus it is seasonal and it wont be around forever!!!
  7. I have 3 sharpey bags!! They r holding up as nicely as my caviar ones!! Get the frame!! I saw it at NM ... Its freakin TDF IRL!!
  8. I just got a black cerf and am surprised how much I love it! I love the outside compartments and the 2 zippered pockets inside. Keeps all my stuff so organized and easy to get to. And the sheen in the deerskin leather is just lovely! I got the one with the MM lock though, and I heard the newer leather of the bags with the silver ccs are stiffer. But either way, I love my cerf!
  9. I have the cerf and LOVE it and think it will work out better for your mommy life. But that sharpei is hot!
  10. can someone post more pics of the cerf tote? Like the inside, outside, etc. Ever since seeing it on Heidi Montag on the Hills, I WANT IT! Also, is it available in the Boutiques and for how much?
  11. My vote for Sharpey....very lovely and not so delicate. :girlsigh:.
  12. If you have other classic Chanels, get the sharpei- it's fun and as a mom you deserve the treat! If you're looking for a classic go-to bag, go for the cerf- but as a new mom I'd get it in black bc I'd be worried about getting it dirty if I was using it all the time! Both are gorgeous though so you can't really go wrong!
  13. I love both, however, if you're worried that it may get messed up when you're taking care of the kids, I'd do the Cerf. Understood it is probably not as delicate as we think, but is it rugged enough to withstand accidents -ie things bumping into it, splash on it by accident? I held one in the Chanel boutique and I would personally be worried with it around the kids.
  14. CERF!

    I have cerf in blk and love it, durable, roomy, fit nicely on shoulder & not that many people carry it, esp in white.
  15. Cerf! I adore this bag. If my brown one from Nordstrom doesn't arrive to the store soon I'm going to fly to Paris to retrieve it!!