Sharp Straps on Damier

  1. Hi. My first Damier LV is Hampstead. It has wide leather straps that are actually sharp on the edges. I know -- one must suffer for fashion -- but I wonder if there is a way to soften these babies up? They are so stiff! I was at the LV dept in NM yesterday and they told me to carry it for a few weeks and it will feel better. Any other ideas? Also, I know it will take carrying and time for the buckles to loosen up, too.
    I can't remember if my Viva Cite went through a breaking in process. It has a wide vachetta strap, but it is so soft and comfy now.
  2. I have the same problem with my damier. My SA also told me to wear it a lot, after a few weeks, it would feel a lot better, she said.
    I had the same problem with other non LV purses and wearing it did soften the straps. I haven't worn my damier a lot of times yet (maybe 2 or 3 times), so I can't tell if it works, but before doing anything else, I would just wear it lot.
  3. My mom had a similar problem with the straps of the Damier Papillon 30. The edges were rather sharp. Wearing the bag for several months helped soften them.
  4. When I first purchased my Illovo PM, the leather was quite stiff, or "sharp" as you described it. After wearing it every day for about 3 weeks, it really started to soften up.