Sharon Stone @ Mr Chow's Last Night !

  1. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]Sharon might not have been flashing as much skin as some of Hollywood's momentary "it"-girls when she stepped out for a bite at Mr. Chow's last night, but she sure looked all the classier for it! The feather boa is a particularly nice touch - it's the kind of acoutrement that could look decidedly trashy with the wrong outfit, but Sharon managed to rock it almost effortlessly!
  2. I've never really cared for Sharon's personality but I have to say she's been looking really good lately!
  3. yeah her legs look amazing
  4. Dang she looks amazing!!
  5. Love her shoes!
  6. she looks fabulous.
  7. She looks great! She's really been looking a lot better! Her look, her clothes all seem to come together! After all she is Sharon Stone!

    I like the shoes! I think they are Gucci!
  8. She looks good.
  9. Damn...she looks great for her age!
  10. totally agreed, she looks fab!
  11. SHE LOOKS GREAT FOR HER AGE!! And at least now her outfit isn't tacky its actually very nice!!
  12. does she ever age? :wtf: