Sharon Stone @ Make-A-Wish Foundation Gala in Miami, November 10

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  2. I really don't like her outfit, but she looks great. She has amazing body and she looks young.
  3. ^ I agree about the dress...but she is still so beautiful!
  4. Eeek!
  5. I see camel!
  6. Camel toe! :yucky::yucky::yucky:
  7. Hello Sharon Stone's cameltoe! :s
  8. Oh lordy... How does somebody like Sharon Stone leave the house without looking in a full-length mirror... Raging Camel Toe!!
  9. She is stunning but that jumpsuit has got to go. I can't believe she didn't notice that?!?
  10. Even though she's in great shape and looks amazing for her age, that is just nasty to look at! Blech.
  11. I LOVE her watch!! She could stand to gain a few pounds. Maybe she'd look a little younger and her teeth aren't as white as they used to be. Other than that, she really does have a pretty face and she is aging naturally.
  12. What has she done to her lips??
  13. :nuts: So glad you said it!!! I didn't have the guts too lol!!!!!!!!!!!! :lol:
  14. She does have a great body but I really don't think someone her age should be wearing that outfit
  15. She used to be such the fashion icon... I don't like her outfit at all but she does look great, her body is still looking good!