Sharon Stone has a brilliant idea ....

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    Sharon Stone has three adopted sons, and insists women shouldn't have to wait for a partner if they want to be mothers.

    She says, "Don't wait for a man to give you children, do it yourself.
    "Then, if Prince Charming does come along, he'll walk in and say, 'Oh, just what I've been looking for, a family waiting for me."

    Well, I personally thinks this as a good idea, you could still having kids but also prevented the complexity of a failed relationship.... :p


    source: - The Latest Updates
  2. Hmm.. that's kind of a bunch to adopt at once. Were they all related? Personally, I agree. I think it's better for kids to be adopted and have a semblance of family than remain in orphanages or going from one foster home to another. Just 3 at once seems like quite a bit to me.
  3. Good for her for having the courage to take on such a huge responsibility.