Sharon Stone & Beyonce

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  1. [​IMG]
    She may be known as Queen of the Razzies, but tonight Sharon Stone was praised for a decidedly more laudable effort -- her long-term charity work on behalf of amfAR, which supports AIDS research and prevention.

    The award was presented at a star-studded amfAR gala at Cipriani, with Richard Gere, Woody Allen and Beyonce also in attendance
  2. Gorgeous!
  3. They look so beautiful!
  4. Sharon would look alot betetr if she took the ugliest coat in the world off.
  5. i love the peach colour of beyonce's dress
  6. Why does Bey insist on showing us her armpits every chance she gets...otherwise she looks beautiful.
  7. Sharon looks stunning! Beyonce looks great too, but I absolutely love Sharon. She's such a beautiful woman and I would give a lot to look like this at her age. Her coat is gorgeous.
  8. B. looks great!
  9. they look great ..I love Bey's nail polish color (toes and fingers)
  10. they both look great.
  11. Stunning!!!!
  12. They both look lovely. And B. does her armpit pose to push up her "girls" I think.
  13. Beautiful :smile:
  14. Sharon Stone would look so much better if she cut her hair.
  15. They are just so beautiful. Wow. They look flawless

    Usually when someone stands next to Beyonce for some reason they seem to pale into the background. But Sharon Stone looks just as beautiful as Beyonce.