Sharon Stone: Au Naturel

  1. [​IMG]Sharon Stone is up to her old tricks and baring her nude flesh.
    Stone was spotted shopping for rugs and other home furnishings at F&S Fabrics in Los Angeles on Tuesday sporting every actresses worsed nightmare....... No Makeup
    we give props to La Stone for keeping it real.
  2. Make-up does wonders!! Glad to see her go au natural.
  3. I think that she looks pretty good!
  4. she looks different, but still looks great even sans make up!
    Not nearly as scary as some stars, like Pam Anderson or Goldie Hawn :shocked:
  5. My first instinct was YIKES! But I think that is b/c I am accustomed to her overdone look. If I had never seen her face before I would think she looks wonderful. She looks... yeah - naked is the right word.
  6. If she applied a little make up, like the rest of society, she'd look like a stunning woman - she looks like she could use a little tinted moisturizer and mascara and not much else.
    The celebs are so over fixed they almost look weird w/o make up because we never see them "normally".
  7. She looks sunburnt or something. Really she looks good...but I agree with Swanky..a tiny bit of make-up goes a long way.
  8. could be bad lighting. she still looks great. I think she is a natural beauty. I loved her in casino. At least she isnt all botoxed up like a mummy....that is scary.
  9. i agree with both swanky and danica ...

    im surprised that she doesnt look like 48
  10. She looks a little rough, but don't we all with out makeup? She doesn't look her age though...that's for sure.
  11. I think she looks great regardless. Her natural beauty is there, not to mention great bone structure! It's nice that women of her age and caliber feel confident enough to venture out without covering their faces completely. It should be a lesson to us all.
  12. She still looks great w/out makeup.
  13. You said it. Girlfriend is looking GOOD!!! (of course I mean good for a 50 yr old woman who's had a ton of plastic surgery, is wearing no make-up and probably spent too many mid afternoons in the sun.:wtf: )

    I'm just kidding.

    I love Sharon to death. Super cool lady. :supacool:

    And she does look good. (Just go home and get some make up, please!)
  14. I agree, Swanky Mama:yes: i think she looks good but the others... They' re SO different w/out makeup!
  15. I actually like the way she looks without make up better. She looks like a real person. And she does have lovely bone structure!