Sharon Stone and her Chloè Silverado

  1. Sharon Stone has recently been spotted in New York with her adopted child. She is carrying a wonderful Silverado Python by Chloè.
    Actually I don't like her very much (she's not so a good actress, imho), but she is a beautiful woman, very classy. In this case, the Silverado gives her a more modern turn!

    What do you think of her look?
  2. I think she looks fabulous for being in her late 40s. She is the new Dior spokesperson. I am not nuts about that bag.
  3. Love her bag. But as for Sharon Stone, BlaaaH!
  4. I certainly like the LV luggage in the background!
  5. I don't care for her personally either and I agree, she's really a gorgeous gal! Great photo of her!
  6. I don't like snake bags - i am scared of snakes!!!
  7. Don't like the bag but DO LOVE Sharon! She looks FABULOUS!!!
  8. Don't really like the bag that much but luv her.