Sharon Stone Amfar bag, anyone remember the original price?

  1. I was just bidding on one on eBay and was the high bidder, but didn't meet the reserve. Anyone have an idea what this bag went for originally?
  2. Hi..I know this post is old...but if you are still wondering in 2001 the retail price was $695.00 (I have verified it in a 2001 LV catalogue that I have). Since this is a discontinued bag, often I have seen used ones being sold for more than the orginal asking price. I love :heart:!!!!!!! this bag. I own two of them! I have an unused one stored in case anything ever happens to my current one and/or just to see one in its unsused beauty (but the carried one is still beautiful after years of use-it is flawless with a warm patina). :tender: