Sharon Stone @ a pre-Oscar party at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel 2008-02-21

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  3. She looks great, love the color of her dress.
  4. I think she's awesome... a bit of a nut job, but still awesome
  5. and she's really smart, too. her IQ is 140 or something like that.
  6. Did you check out those shoes in the full length pic! Wow!
  7. She's looking good!
  8. she shows thta money can make ya look good at any age...:yes::tup:
  9. The color of the dress is very flattering on her imo. Im so glad she put away that hideous zebra outfit she had on - this is so much better even if the shoes are a bit over the top.
  10. I love her!!!! she seems so happy and free!!!!!!!