Sharon RED is here!

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  1. does ANYONE have this bag yet? OHMYGOSH i LOVE IT!

    if you are a person who likes SECTIONS and POCKETS you will LOVE this one!

    the outside has the two side ZIPS that really have pockets in front curved zips
    and the main part of the bag has middle top zip roomy compartment and side zip good size compartment and then open side snap close section
    i tried to take pix with little camera please excuse photography
    also i added the standard style stock pix (the girl in the pic must be 4ft tall it is not that big...big but not THAT big!

    all i know is that it is SMOOCHY LEATHER AND i can't wait to wear it
    i will NOT sell this one for anything! this one is here to stay!

    wonder what other colors?
    finally i found a red bag I LOVE:yahoo:





  2. standardstyle stock pix

  3. Your pics are great - I don't think the stock pics do it justice :smile:
  4. Thank you, gingarita, for some great pictures of that gorgeous bag! I like it because it seems to hug the body, and the color is so vibrant!! Someone here on the handbags subforum was looking for a great true red bag, and, hopefully, she will see this one!
  5. thank you is really gorgeous i don't get so excited about a bag too often but this is a different bag and just perfect!
    one that you will wear and wear for sure
    for the STYLE as much as the color....
    and it is not a loud red more like a tomato color know what i mean? not fire engine red..
    i am really starting to loveeee kooba ....

    thanks for welcoming me while i cheat on marc jacobs and ysl!!!

    by the way your teddie is ADORABLE!:yes:
  6. ginger, that bag is drop dead gorgeous. congratulations!
  7. I love the red!! LOVE IT!!! OMG!! LOVE!!!! the pockets and compartments are like the biggest most gargantuan cherry on top!!! Okay - deeeep breath.
  8. nina thanks YES I KNOW i am breathless from it......thank god for this forum i can't imagine telling anyone that a BAG makes me breathless! :nuts:
    now i am going to go through ALL the bags i have and if it isn't breathtaking then it goes on the chopping block

    THE BLAKE in black is the next one i will post tomorrow
    i got each for 450 was 425 i forget it was good though

    can't wait to see what's next!
  9. #9 Aug 16, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2008
    while at bloomingdales earlier this week i didn't see the sharon style, however i did see this red on the clutch. it's a really flattering blue red -- not orangey red. and the leather is similar to the kooba satin smooth yet butter soft and thick as in last season's talia and callie.

    i can see this worn year round and it will really compliment fall colors. it's real flattering how it's such a thin profile and should be comfortable to carry over the shoulder. plus i really like all the top zip compartments to keep you organized.

    it's really a hot bag, nice choice!:tup:
  10. thanks for the info on the leather and comparison to other types since i am so new to kooba
    it is yes a great red ...i had a marc jacobs that was too yellow red i like this one just perfect!!!
    THE COLOR IS MORE TRUE IN THE STOCK PICTURES ABOVE dont you think? (my pics because of lighting and camera are not true to color)
    SOO MANY POCKETS I LOVE IT:yahoo::nuts:
  11. I love the color of this bag. There is one called the Halle that is out now in the same shade. It's the deep deep red bags with blue undertones that make me catch my breath and Kooba does capture this color well in several of their styles.
  12. That looks like the same red that Halle comes in. I love your bag! I love the zipper decoration on the fall Koobas.

    I hope you wear it in great health!
  13. the halle must be the clutch style companion to this sharon. i inspected the halle at bloomies last week because i was fearful it would appear nice but the leather was going to revert to the jacinda-esque leathers when i prefer the talia-esque leathers. i mean, i really, really prefer the sienna, ada and lucy leathers but that's a whole other story.

    so if this sharon's tdf leather in rich red with stylish substantial hardware is any indicator, things are looking very promising for kooba and very bad for my wallet.

    it's unfortunate web pics from the retailers aren't as helpful illustrating the beauty of their own products! these tpf pics almost always help me get a better vision of what makes a bag special. thanks for sharing.
  14. That's good to know. I was afraid the leather would be not up to par. I do love the looks of the Halle but it's really a bit small for me. The height and depth seems okay but the width is so small.
  15. i love the narrow depth it is so pretty.....i am so hooked!