Sharon Osbourne is Desperate....update p. 4

  1. [​IMG]

    Kelly Osbourne just confessed how her parents were so desperate to have grandchildren.

    "They're out of their minds! Quote of the year from my mum is:
    'I don't care who gets you pregnant, just get me a grandchild.'

    :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop:

    I luv this family, they're just so full of drama......


    source: - The Latest Updates
  2. That is really funny. how old is kelly?
  3. So first she should give daughter somw money for a good plastic surgeon, or at least a great stylist and a personal trainer, bc with this appearance I doubt that she'll find a man who will want her.
  4. Ouch!
  5. actually i think they did get her a personal trainer of sorts, or at least, kelly osbourne's much thinner now compared to when the osbournes were showing a couple of years back. i think she's definitely cleaned up her act some, although they really should tell her to stop using her arms as a doodle pad. those ratty tattoos need to go. :push:
  6. I love Sharon!
  7. Toooo Funny!
  8. Sharon is a hoot!!! LOVE her!:nuts:
  9. I love her too. She's in your face & doesn't make any excuses. She looks fabulous (kudos to her plastic surgeon)
  10. disfunctional in a humerous kinda way...Those Wacky Osborns!;)
  11. Yikes. :sad:

    I think Kelly looks gorgeous in this photo.
  12. ^^Me too!
  13. Ew. What an idiot. What a great beginning for a child.
  14. :?: she that bad??:queen: I thought she was doing a much better job taking care of herself and her appearance. Yea, money can buy you looks these days but, maybe she is happy the way she is.:shrugs:

  15. Agreed. She's doing a lot better these days with staying clean and healthy. So she's not a size negative 3 cokewhore like the Olsen twins or Lilo, big deal.:shrugs:

    Most guys I know would rather date someone with a little meat on them than bone someone with the figure of a broomstick.