Sharon Osbourne: I Want to Adopt Brad Pitt

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    “I would adopt him any day. Forget the babies, I’ll have him. I’m such a dirty old cow.” — Sharon Osbourne, 54, on Brad Pitt, 43, at the Elton John AIDS Foundation Benefit on Tuesday.

  2. I second that!!
  3. Me too Sharon, me too.
  4. Haha! Sharon is great "I'm such a dirty old cow".
  5. lol
  6. love it. sharon is so funny.
  7. hahhaa i love her :smile:
  8. I just love her!
  9. that is so funny!
  10. hahahaha, too funny. But adopting him wouldn't make it "ilegal", I mean he'd be your son! maybe I am the old cow with the dirty mind
  11. I don't think he's cute at all...I like dark haired loner types though. I'll adopt Joaquin Phoenix then!
  12. Sharon! I like that you never have to guess what she's thinking, she just comes right out and announces it!
  13. haha lol, I think she's great!