Sharon & Kelly Osborne Out Shopping

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  3. Not naming names.. but someone should stay away from prints... :p
  4. I thought she lost alot of weight - she seems to have put it back on again
  5. I like this,i think Kelly has such a cool style.She is brave and is not afraid of feeling confident and wearing things like this.So more power to her!That whole outfit is so cool.
  6. Kelly's outfit is hideous, but yay Sharon!
  7. Yeah not liking Kelly's outfit either :s
  8. ekk not a nice out fit on Kelly
  9. Mrs O is looking good!

    And I'm loving her bag!
  10. not liking kelly's outfit. maybe she was trying to dress up?
  11. I like Sharon's bag.
  12. It's not a bad outfit. It is just not right on her. She looks a lot older though.
  13. Kelly blew up again!,she was looking good for a while!
  14. love sharon's bag.
  15. def think Kelly should avoid prints, Sharon is looking great these days but don't like the mad red hair!