Shark Skin

  1. What do you guys think of shark skin for a Kelly watch watch strap? I was thinking shark skin because I would LOVE to have that in a purse but I don't think Hermes make that ... So the next alternative is shark skin ...
  2. Hi Kou,

    Have you touched shark skin before? It's actually only nice in one direction, if you stroke it against the grain it's scratch like the tongue of a cat. Maybe the hems of your shirts and blazers would get damaged with a shark skin bracelet.
    I can however only speak from the experience of having touched an actual dead shark, I haven't touched the leather that is being made from it.
  3. Most of my clothes are cheap so it's okay~ J/k. :P Ok, if that's going to be an issue then I don't think I should get it for watch straps then. Maybe I'll stick with alligator and them little lizards.
  4. Do you know if they make it in stingray skin? That could be cool.
  5. shark skin is very often used for leather bracelets it is durable and has nothing of the feel it has when it was still alive dso not sharp at all stiff yes but not horrible. i hte the look of it but that is only me

    oh galuchat would be fabulous
  6. I don't recall seeing stingray in the watch book. I did see requin so I know it does come in shark. I'll ask them if they do stingray, that'd be pretty darn exotic too!:yes:
  7. What's Galuchat?:flowers: I KNOW I'm getting one strap in alligator, that's for sure. but if sharkskin doesn't work out, then the second strap will be lizard :yes:
  8. galuchat = stingray it is a faulous leather i do have some "fun" jewellery with galuchat from degrisogono i just love the look of it very unique and a fabulous feel

    oh and if you love the look of shark skin go for it it has a long tradition for watchbands as it is really durable
  9. I'm going to ask about stingray too. If they do stingray, then I want watch straps in stingray, shark, alligator, and lizards!!!!:nuts:
  10. Daniel Swarovski did a galuchat purse last year. It was heavenly, although it was $3k (half a Birk!).

    If they make them in watches, could you let me know, Kou?
  11. that is how galuchat looks like (just for reference)
    screenshot_01.jpg screenshot_02.jpg
  12. Those are gorge! Where did you get them?
  13. wow, so pretty, thanks for the pics Lilach
  14. oh as i stated above it is de grisogono a haute joaillerie company(owned by fawaz gruosi husband of caroline scheuffele owner of chopard) and he was the first indroducing both black diamonds and galuchat to be used in high jewellery. he makes some truly outstanding pieces (some are crap too but ell that is everywhere) i love him to death and pices :flowers:
  15. OMG~~~ FORGET ABOUT THE HERMES WATCHES, I want one of THIS:nuts: :nuts: :nuts: