Shark attacks

  1. Whilst browsing for more stories on the exploded phyton, I came accross a website about sharks: About Great White Shark Attacks Victim stories photo gallery of Bull,Tiger Attack on Divers & swimmers
    Scroll down and check out their Shark Victims pics.. if you think the pics of the exploded phyton and the phyton who eats an ewe are freaky and gross, then you aint seen nothing :s

    WARNING: dont enter that victims site if you aint got the stomach. I even scrolled real fast from middle page down (where it got so bad) :yucky:
  2. I am not even going to attempt it! :yucky:
  3. Holy crap ... The pictures look like something out of a page from
  4. :sad: Thats what I was afraid of ... I am sooo curious but I know that I wouldnt be able to handle it! If they were black and white I would probably brave it. :s
  5. Actually ... is worse. Thanks to an university acquaintance who thought that it was "cool" to show me the website, I think I'm scarred for life by; yet it's like a train wreck, the morbid curiosity kept me going back to check on the site for several years afterwards - not any more though.
  6. Kou, I'm not even going to ask you what's on
    The images of those shark attack victims are enuff to linger in my brain for the next couple of weeks.
    Yet,, that address is so damn easy to remember, I have a feeling I'll be checking that site on a boring, cloudy day sooner or later, LOL..
  7. Keep in mind it has been several years since I've set foot on that site so things could've changed. But from my memory (please understand this was in the past and it was morbid curiosity even tho I regret going there everytime afterwards), they have a range of nasty stuff. So um yeah, stay away from that site if you don't want to lose your lunch or dinner.
  8. Yep is just that ROTTEN! I had a friend who would send me pics from that site. Except they would be titled "Sweet newborn baby" or "newborn deer in forest". And of course my slow self would open them. :yucky: It got to the point I wouldnt even bother opening up his emails anymore. Too dangerous to my eyes. :upsidedown:
  9. :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop:
    Wow ... your friend has an uhm ... interesting sense of humor.:upsidedown:
  10. Ok I seriously think I might pass out. OMG why did I have to look.:throwup: Those poor people. I think it's dry land only for me until I can get those pics out of my head.
  11. So hideous. My lunch is in my throat.
  12. Ew!!!! Why did I look, I seriously feel queasy now.
  13. Oh my goodness! I was expecting a few stitched up scars, not that! Thats soooo gross. Those poor people, ewww those feet, yuck :throwup:. I must admit though I do have a fascination with sharks and I would love to see them in the wild one day, although after seeing those pics it will have to be from the safety of a HUGE boat!
  14. Yup, same here.. I am fascinated with sharks too. It's amazing what those jaws and teeth can do, eh? The image of that man losing practically 3/4 of his upper leg and a butt (all the while, still alive) is still lingering in my mind.