SHARK Alert!

  1. I absolutely love the bag with suede lining. It makes such a huge difference!
  2. This is an incredibly beautiful bag, I'm just in awe.....
  3. Thanks, Arielsdream! You should definitely get one. I recommend seeing if they can do a suede lining!
  4. Oh wow! That is more lovely than I pictured. Congratulations!
  5. That handbag is so lovely! And I adore the scarf.
  6. I took a new pic today...shark with a different scarf. The scarf got a bit twisted, so it's not the best photo, but I still wanted to post for you guys!

  7. So feminine and lovely! And I adore how the scarf twists in the picture, very natural, this whole storyline unfolds for me when I look at her!

    Thank you so much, ETenebris, I am so happy you shared another picture with us.:cloud9:
  8. Is there any way you could share a packed pic? I would love to see how everything looks on the inside :smile:
  9. Arielsdream, here is a quick pic taken its messy state, even! Sorry, had to take it with my phone, so it's not that great and the lighting was terrible! There should be a pic of the inside on the first page of this thread, had better lighting and I was more organized back them!

  10. Lovely!! Thank you so much!!!!!
  11. Love the sunglasses!
  12. Ahhh...I just love this bag!!
  13. ETenebris, where did you get that lovely scarf? It's so pretty, match nicely with your HM.
  14. Shark is a perfect name for that color. Looks beautiful!
  15. Thank you! :smile: It's an Hermes scarf from maybe two years ago? The name is Offrandes du Jour, and it was one of their fundraising scarves. I thought it would be a perfect light color to complement the bag.