SHARK Alert!

  1. Gorgeous Hold Me! Just perfect! Congrats.
  2. What a fun photo, I work at Herman Miller and we make these chairs! Your bag is absolutely devine and looks pretty comfy in the chair:smile:
  3. Love your bag! I'm glad to finally see the shark pebbled leather. It is divine.
  4. That is one gorgeous gray and looks exactly like the name should, perfectly shark colored. I love it, congrats!
  5. Wow! That's a gorgeous bag! Although I'm not normally a fan of pebbled leather, I really like the shark. It's great that Jackie was able to get you the suede lining.
  6. rachaelmb, that chair is one of the best investments I ever made. Twice! I bought one for the office and one for home, and I have had them for close to eight years now with no problems.

    Ladies, stay tuned for better photos coming up...
  7. pinkdiamond, the suede lining was a $50 upcharge and the leather-lined handles was either $40 or $50 extra. Definitely worth the money!

    sgreg, I would say it has more of a blue cast than lilac...the photos don't really do this color's gorgeous!

    lionlaw, your bag is lovely! I thought this one would come out looking pretty close in color to your ostrich, so your photos helped push me over the edge! Oh, and it is the original (smaller) size, which looked and sounded really small, but it's actually perfect!

    kings_20, shark is the leather color (not actual shark skin)...shark grey pebbled.
  8. A few pics taken outside this afternoon...I think the one under the tree is closest to the actual color with the blue tint. Middle pic is my stuff in the bag.



  9. has a lovely blueish tint on your outdoor pics..very nice!

    (I also got the Aeron chairs them too!)
  10. just to clarify it is not shark-skin leather, the color is just called shark... :biggrin:
    Ignore me if you already knew that :smile:

    I agree it is so beautiful
  11. It's even more beautiful outside in natural light!! What a stunning bag!! My oh my, it is hard to be mindful!
  12. Stunning! Looks especially beautiful with that H scarf. I've had a shark bag composed in BEC for about five months now, just haven't had the funds to make it happen. But's a priority!
  13. Wow, that is a lovely bag! I really like the suede interior--it must be so nice whenever you have to put something in your bag or take it out to feel that. And great scarf! Jardins d'Armenie is one of my favorite designs.
  14. ETenebris - You're bag is so pretty, you must be delighted! I love Hold Me's so much, they strike me as elegant and modern.
  15. Beautiful leather and I love how the scarf ties on it!!