*Shari's collection*

  1. Hi, this is my small but growing collection :love:

    • Louis Vuitton Framboise Agenda
    • My one and only Gucci
    • LV Coeur
    • Damier Speedy 30 with Inclusion Speedy Framboise, Papillon 19, Denim Mini Pleaty, MC Wapity and Cerises Cles.
    • Damier Azur Speedy and Mini Pochette Azur
    framb.JPG.jpg gucci.JPG.jpg heart.JPG.jpg lv.jpg lv2.JPG.jpg
  2. Great start.You seem to know what you like.I am a fan of gucci horsebit bags,very pretty!Love your choice in LV too.
  3. Gorgeous LV collection!

    That Gucci Pochette is so cute! :heart:.
  4. Lovely LV collection!! Thanks for sharing!!
  5. Shari, What a fabulous collection and I am sure that you will add to it more!!
  6. Very nice! Love the heart vernis!
  7. more
    lv_800x600[1].JPG_800x600.jpg louis_vuitton_055_800x600.jpg
  8. :heart:
    louis vuitton 038.jpg lv23.JPG.jpg lv_001_640x480.jpg my collection 012.jpg my collection 006.jpg
  9. :heart:
    pastilles.jpg my collection 023.jpg louis_vuitton_056_800x712_800x712.jpg my collection 027.jpg
  10. Thank you twinkle, suzie, redcoral, john 5, samanthas collection:love:
  11. Congrats on your already large collection! I especially like the azur pieces :smile:
  12. beautiful collection!! :love:
  13. great denim baggy!
  14. Great selection! I :heart: :heart: :heart: your coeur vernis in POMME!​
  15. Great collection! I love everything