Sharings Pics of My New Kooba Jillian

  1. Oh, it's so perfect. For anyone who has bought the Ada and returned it because of it's heft, this is the obvious solution. The Bag is smaller by about half but holds alot of stuff. Not a small bag by any means. AND, I never thought it could be a shoulder bag but it can!
    I am so impressed. And personally I love the heavy pebbled leather Koobas.

    Jillian Bottom.JPG

    jillian side.JPG
  2. Ooooo... very nice!
  3. Great bag, Lexie! Congratulations:smile:
  4. That is one gorgeous bag. Love the rich color! I usually don't go for much hardware, but that one is stunning!!
  5. the pebbled leather made me drool :drool:
    i wich the studs were smaller though :P
  6. That is the best Kooba I have seen. I am not a huge fan of Kooba, but that is really cute! I love the leather, too.
  7. Congrats on your Kooba and thanks for sharing pics!
  8. Congrats!!!!
  9. Congrats!
  10. Congrats!!!!! Very edgy...
  11. Pretty! Enjoy her!
  12. It's hanging on the arm of a chair in the living room and the room reeks of it's leather....Yummmmmmm. I took it out today and it's very easy and functional. I'm overjoyed with it.
  13. The Jilian looks really nice! I had been ichy towards the Ada, but also concerned about its size. Now here comes the solution!

    Also, I noticed that they have a new model of clutch coming out: Audrey. Personally I like it more than the Mackenzies. Thinking about getting one too...
  14. There are 3 Jillian currently on Ebay in the 430 range. The sellers look very reputable but I've never dealt with them. Two in black and one in Sand (bleck).

    I like that clutch alot. Much dressier than the Mackenzie but I like my Mac because of the front pockets.
  15. Very nice! :heart: The texture looks GREAT in black! Good score. :yes: