sharing your H bags

  1. my MIL is about to go on a trip with us this wknd but will continue on to another trip to visit my SIL in cali without me and DH. not excited that she decided to go with us last minute, but doubly excited that she'll be gone for 20 days afterwards! muhahaha

    anyways, i was cleaning out my closet (getting ready to move to our new house!) and had lined up all my handbags (minus H) on the couch, each resepectively in their sleeper. the next morning i woke up to find all my bags were out of the sleepers and kinda scattered all over the couch. of course, this royally p*ssed me off but what can i do? typical MIL stuff i have to deal with. so it turns out MIL was trying to figure out which bag to "borrow" during this 20 day trip of hers. thank goodness i didn't have my H bags out there, so she ended up picking a chanel bag.

    so this got me thinking....would i have allowed her to borrow any of my H bags if she had asked or seen them on the couch as well?? how do you say no without hurting their feelings?? is this selfish of me??? would you share your H bags with anyone else?? would you trust anyone with your H?
  2. Oh PBC, I'm still trying to get over the horror of finding all your handbags out of their sleepers and strewn about like they were her playthings.:wtf:

    I'll get back to you on the MIL borrowing H handbags question. I have the vapors!
  3. oh dear god, i thought you were going to say she decided to borrow your H. you are a saint to let her live with you, you must be a very good DIL.

    i do not think i would like anyone to borrow my H bags. anything else but not my H bags. because, if something happened to one of them, i would feel terrible but the way i would say it to the person who wanted to borrow it is "Well, I would love to lend it to you, but if something happened to it i wouldn't want to even risk something coming betweeen us, our friendship is too important to me. I'd rather not risk it"
    Diplomatic but still true, no? i think they would understand if they knew the actual prices.
  4. :yes:PBC thank you for reminding me I need to install a lock on my closet door somehow
  5. PBC It depends on how careful the person is I think. If I have complete confidence I might. I would though not very much appreciate it when someone even MIL without asking would open and try out bags ...
  6. Me too! [​IMG]
  7. OMG:wtf: This has happened to me once with my MIL. She moved in with us last Xmas since my FIL passed away. Then it kind of annoyed me that she kept bugging me to borrow my Chanel bags whenever she is going to casino or wedding or some special occasion. I did let her borrow one of the Chanel classic flap once, but it was a disaster, inside the bag it is all leather lining, her keys, card and who knows whatever it is,made a lot of scratches all over inside the bag. I was literally crying when I talked to my hubby.Well, after that, whenever she asked the same thing, I just say I don't like to let her borrow Chanel bags cause last time she didn't baby it. After 3 time or so, she gave up asking.:wlae: Whenever I came home with a shopping bag and put it on the living room before I went upstairs my own bedroom, she has the habit to open the bag to see what it is.:cursing: *Speechless*

    Side story: it is so painful to go on vacation with MIL. My last trip to Hawaii was not as fun as I thought it would be.
  8. i am back to say i am surprised i am so possessive of my H bags, with everything else i would happily give it to someone if they loved it...but with H, if i scratch my own bag it is fine. if somebody else used it and made the same scratch...grumpy HC, and i don't know quite why. it is the same scratch! :shrugs: so i avoid the situation entirely and don't go there.
  9. ^^^ OMG chloe!!! wow!!! we're in the same boat it seems. my MIL goes thru everything too! even grocery bags to see what i've bought. then she'll criticize me on how i didn't know to pick better fruits or veggies, etc.

    H&H: true. i totally trust my own mother bc she's careful period with anything. i don't trust my sister though. and for sure i don't trust MIL. she has a few nice bags of her own but they ALLLL have food or drink stains all over them!!!! and when she walks, she bangs her bags up against the wall so some of them have paint mark at the bottom corners!!!

    HC: i told DH i want to put a lock on my closet door in the new house and he was not happy that i would even think of doing such a thing to keep his mom out.
  10. I don't think I would be able to deal with a similar situation without first going ballistic. And then I will call my DH.
  11. All I have to say is...MIL...:supacool::devil::sos:...I don't want to say any furthur...:boxing: (ps. forgot to add FIL as well:ninja:...)
  12. No way Jose!!!
  13. Knowing what you've told us about your MIL, she would surely trash anything you loaned her. A solution might be to just have your DH get her a "surprise" bag for her trip so she didn't need to borrow anything from you. She can trash her own stuff and not bother with yours.

    I have loaned my Judith Leiber's to my mom and my cousin, knowing that I can get any crystal that might pop off, replaced easily. Hermes is another story, and I probably would suggest something less precious and irreplaceable. KWIM?
  14. well, i'm happy to say that my future MIL doesn't give a **** about my bags...quite frankly, she thinks i'm crazy and stupid buying all these expensive bags.....she's always like, another bag? don't you have one like that? why must a girl need so many bags....blah blah blah....when i first met her with my b/f at a dinner....i was wearing only my earrings, necklace a simple diamond banded ring and a jade bracelet....and of course my bag.....and she goes " aren't you afraid that your hands would be chopped off and stuff........i'm like what the f@^&%$???? no one has ever said that to me before, not even my mother.....anyways.....getting to the point....i don't think she ever will ask...and incase she does........HELL NO....she ain't borrowing my bags....if someone doesn't appreciate the investments made on such a beautiful bag...then it just shows me they wouldn't takecare or give a **** if something happens....
  15. Is it even possible to teach someone about boundries and personal space? Your MIL is a piece of work! Every day she is critical of you? Can you put a muzzle on her? Maybe put a lock on HER door! :graucho: