Sharing toothbrushes with your s/o

  1. Am i the only one who thinks this is totally disgusting? I know so many people who do this and i just don't understand why. It seems so unhygienic, toothbrushes are meant for scraping away excess crap from your mouth like plaque, food bits, bacteria, etc, why would you want to share that? It just grosses me out so much. Do any of you do this, if so, WHY? :throwup::throwup:
  2. I've only done it once or twice because it was totally necessary(only one tooth brush, staying somewhere overnight). I agree that it's unhygienic, I can't imagine why people would do this on a regular basis. Also I don't think you're going to get a lot of people to admit they've done it when you're calling it gross and using vomit smilies lol
  3. NO, me either! :sick: I think it's disgusting too and it's not like kissing. Like you said, a lot more bacteria comes off while brushing your teeth, along with plaque, food particles....ugh, I'm getting queasy thinking about it! LOL
  4. I would never do this. Even if we only had one toothbrush, I would find something else to substitute that one time.
  5. no way on this earth would i do that.
  6. while i wouldn't do this, i don't think it's that disgusting. i mean, i think a lot of us have put less agreeable things in our mouths, and that's essentially encouraged.....
  7. I figured someone would bring this up, thanks gsmom! :lol: I still think sharing a toothbrush is disgusting ;)

  8. I've done it. Not planned but on occasion when needed. It didn't freak me out. In comparison, let's be honest: anyone with a not-completely-vanilla sex life is sharing a lot more than that with their SOs :graucho:
  9. Rofl
  10. This made me CRINGE! That is absolutely disgusting. I would rather not brush my teeth than share a toothbrush with anyone, even DH. He would be grossed out as well. blech. yuck. ewww.
  11. Yuck.. who does that?! Thats like reusing toilet paper your SO just used to wipe his ___!! .. jk .. thats a little more extreme but still!

    One time I went to brush my teeth and accidently used my SO's toothbrush. I didnt realize until I was about half way through but I just threw up.. it was a very traumatizing experience.
  12. Although this is true :p I still am not okay with sharing a toothbrush. My fiance used my toothbrush repeatedly because it happened to be handy for him and it took multiple times of me freaking out before he finally stopped. In my opinion, swapping fluids does not equal scraping gunk out of your mouth. :biggrin:
  13. Yes, and these things are a lot more fun than brushing your teeth! I can mentally separate the two :lol:

  14. It's just plain odd. I don't get how some couples need to share absolutely everything. The only way I would use DHs toothbrush is if it was the only alternative. As far as it being disgusting, yeah it sort of is, but I agree that lots of gross things end up in our mouths (either intentionally or unintentionally).
  15. I don't think I've ever used the SO's toothbrush. I would sooner jump in the car, get to a 24H Shoppers, and get a cheap one in a bind.