Sharing the pictures of my new mini flap~~ LOVE IT

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  1. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    This mini flap is very cute. You can wear her several ways. She's small but I'm a small bag person (though I love my baby coco cabas!). I can fit my wallet, cell phone and other small items. She's great!

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  2. That's cute...and congrats on your purchase!!!
  3. That is too cute! Congrats, she looks great on you.
  4. Beautiful!!
  5. I want to get this bag but in other color, I am hoping someday a perfect red will appear with this mini flap style.
  6. Beautiful bag, congrats!
  7. that bag is so cute!! :cutesy: looks great on you!
  8. Your bag is soo cute it looks adorable on you. I was thinking should I get the same classic flap bag in black or the chloe paddington, but now that I have seen that bag on you, you have convinced me to buy the Chanel- I was soo close to buying the Chloe! Thank you!!!
  9. Very cute!
  10. congrats, very adorable lil bag
  11. congrats ! glad that you got it....
  12. sooooooooooooo cute and prettty :heart: i love the way u wear it :heart:

    Congrats :yahoo:
  13. Love it!!! Congrats!
  14. Congrats! It's so cute, and it looks great on you.
  15. I love it.