Sharing space in an office

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  1. I have been at my present job for 7 months now, and I share an office with someone. Well she enjoys listening to Gospel music( please don't make this thread about religion cause its not). A lot of the music sounds really sad and sometimes makes me depressed since i'm kinda going through some things right now :tdown: and I wish she would put on head phones :tunes: and respect that I don't want to hear that or any music EVERY SINGLE DAY! I swear some people are so friggin thoughtless :cursing:

    I just needed to vent, I would hate to complain to our boss all it will do is cause tension between she and I because we share an office :sad:
  2. Can you bring this up with her nicely and point out that she is always the one choosing the music for your office? I used to share a space with three other people, and it's definitely hard when you want silence. They would let me choose a radio station, but I just wanted the damn thing off! If you don't feel comfortable bringing up the office noise, though, you could start getting in earlier a few times a week and pick your own music before your co-worker gets there.

  3. Unfortunately its her radio and honestly I prefer silence. If I have to listen to something at work I prefer Jazz or Classical and at a very low volume. *sigh*
  4. id bring it up to her. in a nice polite way. headphones are really the only polite option
  5. i agree with the others. just nicely let her know it is distracting and you'd really appreciate it if she would listen to her music using headphones.
  6. Do you have a CD player or a CD drive in your computer and small speakers? If you bring them and then switch to headphones when she arrives maybe she will get the hint after a while.

    I think the direct suggestions are the best, but I certainly understand being uncomfortable!
  7. Yep, I'd say definitely talk to her about it if you haven't yet. There's no reason why she shouldn't be reasonable about it. Perhaps she doesn't know it bothers you?

    If she refuses, then you can take it to the boss. Or start listening to rap/country/polka....
  8. A radio? Doesn't she have an iPod or CD player? I don't think it's very productive to make you listen to music when you prefer silence.
  9. i'm shocked that some people do this (listening to music w/o headphones). in grad school i shared a tiny office for 6 years (sometimes with more than 1 other person) and headphones were the always the way to go. everybody had them. at work too, because almost everyone had cubicles.

    i see nothing wrong with politely asking her to use headphones, because it is very difficult for you to work with music on.

  10. She's always in before I am, but I think I'm going to bring in ear plugs for days when I just can't deal with the noise.

  11. I agree, don't even get me started on how she has yet to move her little coffee station off my side and clean her junk out of a drawer that's supposed to be mines for use.
  12. ^^ Take initiative! Pack all her stuff in a shoebox (gently), and place it on her desk with a sweet note explaining how you know she's just sooo busy and probably forgot all about that little drawer. Then thank her for her cooperation in such a small workspace.
  13. What I do at work because I'm in front of my computer all day is listen to Pandora. It's a radio station online and it's wonderful. You create your own "station" and listen to your own kind of music. This way, it isn't affecting anybody but you, especially if you're in a cubicle and not so private. I just keep my speakers down very low so only I can hear it.

    Otherwise, I agree with everyone and just ask her nicely. Since there are several other people in your office, I think it's only fair that either she use her headphones or turn to a station that everybody enjoys—not just her.

    Unless it's a really religious office and everybody prefers that, then you could be the odd man out and appear that you're anti-religion (which of course, this is NOT a religious issue, but they could make it out to be one), which could cause issues in your office.

    I wish you luck and I hope it gets resolved.
  14. Maybe you can invest in noise-canceling headphones and use them during the day - you can listen to your own music or just wear them to drown out her music.
  15. I'd just simply ask her, politely, to wear headphones or keep her music very low.

    Good luck!