Sharing some love!!

  1. Today I was told a simple but helpful and so kind ""I hope you are having a happy Sunday" and I'd simply like to return to the love to all of you!!! Words can mean so much and it is always great to know that people care and think of you :love:

    Vlad and I were just talking about how amazing this forum is and how there are so many people that are so helpful and nice- it is great to know there are still people like that out there!! You all are amazing!!!! :flowers:

    So back to you all... Vlad and I both wish you and your loved ones a happy Sunday!!!!!

    I am going to go make some cookies.. anyone hungry?? :graucho:
  2. Hmm cookies
  3. aww that was so very sweet of you. Love right back at ya and all the other tPF members,. Making Sunday Dinner, biscuits anyone?

  4. Same to you Megs and Vlad!!!! You guys are the awesome ones!! This Purse Forum has been like a haven for me since I've found it. This idea was simply brilliant!!!!! Thank YOU BOTH for all the hard work you put in and still remaining wonderful!!!!!!!

    YAY PURSE FORUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :flowers:
  5. Yes, cookies would be nice.
    I agree with the comment about the people on this forum. On Thursday I posted (in General Discussion) a thread about my little doggie having to be put to sleep. So many people sent me good thoughts I was overwhelmed. There may be hope yet!
  6. :heart:
  7. yeah, i hope everyone is having a wonderful sunday (it is monday morning already in some countries)... n yes, cookies would be wonderful... hmm, if it is not too much, i dont have milk, you got milk? thanks n hope everyone is having a good day so far..
  8. :heart:33333333333333333333333 x 100000000 to you too Megs & Vlad!

    Sometimes I feel like this forum helped me through second semester at college. Its such a stress reliever to come here and chat with all you sweethearts on the board.

    I would love some cookies! lol
  9. What kind of cookies ? Do you live near a fedex by any chance ?:shame:

  10. [​IMG]
  11. ^^^they look yummy!!!!
    thanks guys, you built an amazing forum and there are lots of funny and sweet people to talk to here!!!just thanks for this....:heart:
    happy sunday to you all(here it's almost over:sad:)!!:love::love:
  12. Thank you - I just love this forum - it really helps me to get away from all the stuff going on in my life right now!!

    I have just baked some chocolate cake - doesn't look too good!! But tastes divine probably best to eat it with your eyes closed - hopefully I will do better next time!!!:graucho:
  13. Have a happy Sunday all of you, and thank you Megs and Vlad.
  14. I agree this forum has something special!!
  15. Happy Sunday to you guys too!!!!!

    And thanks again for all that you do to make all of us SMILE :smile: