*Sharing session* Back from Bal Spore; here's the lowdown!

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  1. Hi ladies!:yes:
    So me & my fren made a trip to Bal Spore at Hilton Hotel to take a look at the swatches, after receiving a call on Mon frm the store Mgr. I'm up for a city in dark sea/blue (similiar to the ink) and also the vermillion. My fren opted for the same, i think. Anyway, here's what i remembered from the photo book.

    -City: black, naturel, dark sea, vermilion, vert green (??)
    -Weekender: black, cafe

    with giant hardware

    new material: linen & patent calf leather (this looks quite interesting!!)
    Tts about it...too engrossed with the City :graucho: . Anyway the bags shld be in after Xmas, most prob Jan 07.

    These are the bags tt are available at the boutique at the moment:
    -a few ostrich-trim whistle bags
    -a black weekender
    -bowling & mini bowling in 3 colors
    -afternoon and mid-afternoon
    -a men's day sling
    -brown pony-hair city

    I really cant wait for their call!!!!:yahoo:
  2. How are the prices in SGD? Do you remember? Especially the firsts and the cities.

    Did they have any "padded" bags? TIA!
  3. Hi Listrik, I have my name on marine and natural:smile: vert deau's tempting too..
  4. I have only bought once from Bal Singapore (OK, twice, but once with 40% discount through Club 21 staff). Waaayyy overpriced. I put my name on the waitlist just to see at the bags irl, but usually get to see them in Europe/US before even getting the call from Bal S'pore.
  5. You are right Roxane!!! Are there other options for us? Think its impt for me to see the bag before buying as I am fussy. So not confident to buy from AR.
  6. o0o0o cool!!! patent and linen is coming back?! that's awesome!
  7. Retail in Singapore is def more expensive. The black weekender that was mentioned was going for S$2670! :Push:

    And yes, I think I saw 1 padded bag. No idea about RRP though.
  8. Oooh, I was considering getting a Vert d'eau City from Bal Spore as I'm there over Christmas but won't now as it's too pricey. Hope there'll be one for me at selfridges when I'm back in London!!!

    Thanks for the heads up :flowers:
  9. Buy in person from Europe/UK? I visit Europe/UK/US at least twice a year to get my shopping done. Alternative might be HK. I am not fussy at all and am very happy to order online as well.
  10. Oooh!! I wish I could do that! Go to Europe/ US for shopping! I'll just have to contend with checking the B store at the Hilton and check Achtung for my fixes for now :sweatdrop:
  11. Hey hey! ekekekekeke...just noticed something...is this thread in the right place? Its in achtung, shldn't it be in the normal page....?ekekekeke. Oh Mods....

    una:The firsts are ard SGD2.1K and the cities are SGD2299. The giant city is ard SGD 2.6K.... pricier coz of the giants studs...ekekekeke...or so they say. The padded bags are still there...they're displayed on the column/pedastal in the middle of the boutique. Not too sure of their RRP tho...I recalled it being more than SGD2.5K?

    stefeilnately: Naturel is nice ya? Ekekekeke...but with a 2yr old...i cant justify the color of tt bag...It'll get mussed up fer sure.

    Roxanne:lucky you! i wish I cld summon overseas shopping trip...ekekekeke...
  12. I must add that the black weekender's leather is TDF!:drool: Thick and lush...with enough veins coming thru w/out looking dried out. Too bad its too ginormous for me...eekekeke...too bag there's no work tho.
  13. Exciting huh!! I think so too. They didn't have actual photos only sketches...it looks quite promising. The SA mentioned tt the linen is a high-quality (looks high-quality too) but one con is tt it'll be prone to thread-pull...so be carefull of rings and sequins on clothes being caught onto the linen thread.
    The color combi is nice too... naturel linen w vert green, black linen w cafe, naturel linen w vermillion.:heart:
  14. The patent/linen combo is so ridiculously awesome, and I am thrilled to hear it might be making a second appearance! It'll be interesting to see what variations they add since they never repeat an idea exactly. I can't wait for photos! I've always felt that the 2003 patent/linen bags were ahead of their time...... they're pretty amazing bags..... and surprisingly VERY easy to take care of. I really like them. :heart:

  15. Now that you mentioned it, I am having second thots of getting natural with my 1-yr old... :smile: