sharing pic's of my new ring! come and have a looksie.

  1. Isnt this gorgeous. this style seems to be very popular these days, don't you ladies agree? I hope the pic's do some justice for it.
  2. Can't see the pics??
  3. get those pics up girl! We wanna see!
  4. Pics Pics Pics!!!!
  5. so sorry...i deleted the pics by accident. Give me a few more minutes plz.:rolleyes:

    Selena & Jamie, here is one to wet your whistle..its taking forever to download my pics but i want you to see the other angles. lmk your thoughts
  6. It looks great on you...Im in love with that ring...LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! Enjoy it! Thank you for posting pics! Can you bend your finger okay??? It does not hit your knuckle? KWIM?? It so damn gorgeous. The PERFECT right hand ring! Lucky girl!
  7. ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh! squealing!:

    LOVE that J!!!
  8. Holy Moly! That is too good for words!! I am glad you bought it for yourself, enjoy!!
  9. and here are the others :yahoo:

    actually here is one, because it took that long just to get 1 pic. so I'm still working on the other pics stick around
  10. can you somewhat see some dimension when i showed you a semi-side view?? no Jamie...It looks like it may stick out everywhere the design works. No knuckle touching, it just feels so comfortable. I love all the layers. Its so interesting but not strange/weird. KWIM?
  11. I love it from the side as so so so pretty..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. no knuckle touching. it amazingly feels extremely comfortable. I know it may appear in the pic that its a confusing ring and it may appear to be all over the place BUT ITS NOT! vERY elegant and the dimension is what makes it fabulous. here is more
  13. it's really beautiful:yes:

    who's the designer?
  14. that's a beautiful and very unique ring. love it.
  15. That's a beautiful ring! I've never seen one like it.