Sharing PICS of my NEW CAMEL Arrivals.. Help Me!

  1. I :heart: my Whiskey Ali...and I wanted something NEW for 2007 and I picked 11134. I went outside my normal box and purchased a color NOT whiskey, the new Camel color.

    NOW, here I am confused on what to do! :confused1:

    I really like this color, but am I grown up enough for it? This is an elegant color, will I be able to keep it clean? I want use it as my everyday bag, will it get darker? Will transition into FALL and WINTER?

    I am loving the wristlet, that is a keeper, but HELP ME tPF'ers ....

    Do I keep CAMEL 11134 (New Ali ) or do I trade her in to get WHISKEY 11134?? :tender:
    What are in the Boxes.jpg What I got Today.jpg Whiskey_vs_Camel.jpg New Camel Flap _Camel Wristlet _Scarf.jpg New Camel Flap_Camel Wristlet_Scarf 2.jpg
  2. Listen to the voice of reason: KEEP THE CAMEL FLAP!! She is a beauty.
  3. I absolutely LOVE that legacy wallet... What's the nunber, name and how much was it?

    Gorgeous stuff! Lucky!
  4. I love the Camel. Now that is one classy bag!!! Congrats.
  5. I love the Whiskey, but that my opinion its a nice bag. But Im not too much of a tan person. The scarf and wallet are way cute
  6. keep and do you know the style number on the scarf? price? i love it all.
  7. They are both classics, but Camel is an absolutely classic bag, Yes you can try to keep it clean! And, if it feels like you and "you own it" you are enough for this bag! It's a quietly elegant bag, simpler in design than Ali, although I'm starting to miss her already!:sad:

    I keep editing! I REALLY LIKE THAT BAG!
  8. Oh what a great haul!!!!! I LOVE the camel color too.. don't you just love the Legacy Wallet??
  9. :drool::drool:

    I'm sorry what was the question? I was distracted by all of the beautifulness.......:drool:

    I prefer a darker shade of camel, but that one is really nice. And I do think it'll transition into fall/ would look really hot with a winter white outfit/coat.
  10. I, too, got 11134 in the Camel color. I kept it in the box for 3 days because I was undecided about the color. I own the Whiskey Mandy and the Black Mandy. I finally took it out of the box yesterday. I LOVE it. It is definitely a keeper. I am also worried about getting it dirty, but I love the purse too much to return it. I don't know if I've been any help, but just know that I shared your pain.
  11. Coach Legacy Stripe Framed Slim Envelope Wallet , #40242, orig. $248, PCE $186!! Man I love her! :heart:

    BTW: it is not shown, I have the Legacy Stripe Wristlet #40231 in an earlier purchase this year, a perfect match.
  12. I really like that camel color and it's definately bag you can wear in the fall/winter. It would look great with light tan boots as well. I REALLY love the flap bag. The whiskey in that is on my list since I don't have any whiskey bags. The camel is a keeper :tup:

    Can you take some photos of the inside of the flap bag please?
  13. Becky, it will get darker and richer. How much darker I don't know. I have the same dilemna with the citron as I don't know what the color it will become but I am willing to give it a try. By the way, if you change your mind about the camel you can exchange it to citron or clay which are two great colors available on 7/30. Don't get another whiskey bag. I own two whiskey bags and I am branching out to new colors.
  14. Legacy Concentric Scarf, #98210, orig. $48, PCE $36.

    My tPF buddy :tender:vlatte7, convinced me I should get it, and MAN I am loving it. It looks real HOT on the new Camel bag!:love:. I think I am warming up to the Camel...:yes:
  15. Please excuse my feet in the pictures! :rolleyes: ENJOY!!
    Legacy Stripes and Camel 1.jpg Legacy Stripes and Camel 2.jpg Legacy Stripes and Camel 3.jpg