Sharing pics of my new bags: Patchwork demi, Ergo crossbody and a Legacy

  1. Hello! I always enjoy looking at pictures of everyone’s bags, so I’d like to share some pics of my new PCE purchases. This is my first time posting pics, so hopefully it will work out. I ended up getting 3 bags: a patchwork demi, an Ergo crossbody and a Legacy Shoulder bag in Whiskey, which effectively doubled my Coach collection. I’m not a big fan of the patchwork patterns, but I saw this bag at Macy’s and really liked the demi size. The floral appliqués on the bag give it a fun look (those flowers are not on the khaki patchwork, though), there is a navy blue leather bottom and the stitching on the strap is light blue and white. It was not on the website or in the store, but I got the style number (10813) and my SA was able to order it for me.

    Then, I like crossbody bags (what can I say, I was a child of the 70’s and grew up with long shoulder straps) so I ended up getting the Ergo crossbody in black. The leather is very soft and light; I think it may be lighter than my chestnut leather duffle. (I included a photo to compare the two.) The bag is not very wide, so it lays fairly flat across the body.

    And finally, my super SA was able to find me a Legacy shoulder bag in Whiskey. She saw that I was on the fence about ordering the new Legacy bag because I wasn’t sure I liked the styling with the single pocket front and the extra buckles on the side. I was really amazed at the effort she made to find one of these bags and I’m very happy I ended up with one. :heart:

    Of course, now that I’ve starting buying Coach, I’m finding it hard to stop, especially with all the enablers in this forum! :tup:





  2. Whiskey Legacy? Lucky girl! Great items...welcome to Coach!
  3. Awesome bags! Welcome! :welcome:
  4. Gorgeous bags! Congratulations! :yahoo:

    Enjoy your new bags!

    I am in love with and totally :drool: over the denim demi!

    Oh and welcome to the Coach subforum!
  5. I love your bags they are beutiful
  6. Nice new bags!! The satchel is my fav though! Thanks for sharing pics!
  7. Great bags! You're going to love your Legacy SO much!
  8. Love your bags, especially the legacy.
  9. You have some beautiful bags! How do you like the ergo crossbody? Is it comfortable?
  10. Thanks everyone for all your nice comments about the bags. I am looking forward to the Legacy whiskey developing that patina that others have written about. I have the Legacy shoulder zip in black and the leather has softened up with use.

    TejasMama, I haven't taken the crossbody out into the world yet, but I think it will be comfortable because it is just so light compared to the other Coach bags. When I put a few things into my duffle, the combination of the hardware and the leather make the bag kind of heavy, but I didn't get the same feeling with the crossbody. And, I can fit a book in there, which will come in handy when I'm commuting.
  11. Beautiful bags!! I love the patchwork demi!!
  12. Great stuff! Love your bags.
  13. Love your bags. You have great taste!
  14. Love them all! Congrats!
  15. I love everything you got. You scored big time with that whiskey Legacy shoulder bag. Congrats!!!