Sharing pic I got from some SAs!

  1. Enjoy!
    Green Country Club.jpeg Icons Coral and Fus.jpg Soft and Chain.jpg Lady Braid Blue.jpg Lax Red Shoulder.jpg
  2. 2 more pic..
    FYI The hobo is not's pinkish/flesh colour IRL as i was told.
    Chanel_Handbags_3_001.jpg Ultimate Soft.jpg
  3. The pics aren't showing:sad:
  4. Hope they r showing now!!:smile:
  5. Thanks gMbt!
  6. that green tote is hot! i like it! thanks for sharing the pics!
  7. thanks I like the last ones
  8. Hey GMBT,

    Are these bags new items or are they ones that are available in London now?! :confused1:

    Thanks :smile:!
  9. oo , I love that blush soft & chain. I want it!
  10. I do like the pink & orange flap. Thanks for sharing the pics.
  11. thanks for sharing, the hobos are cute! :tup:
  12. I got these pic from US Chanel not UK.
    Some r from the current collection..not all..

  13. Great pics! Thank you for posting!!! Love this one!!!
  14. The red tote on the left is from the LAX collection. I got the larger size in blue. I love it!
  15. I've seen that orange one in RL and it's really pretty!