Sharing PCE?

  1. A friend wants to go shopping with me to share my discount. Is that legal? Do I need to pay for her purchase on my credit card and have her pay me or will they let her check out separate? Anyone know? This is my 4th PCE and I'm not sure if I'm even going to buy anything this time.

  2. Hi,
    not to worry its legal. Coach will just ask you to put the entire amount on your CC or however you want to pay for it and your friend would just have to pay you back. I did this on the last pce with my friend.
  3. I was able to share my discount with a friend of mine and we were able to use our own cards. They rang up each transaction and applied the discount each time. Then they gave it back to us to use again. Things maybe a little different this time.
  4. My friend came with me last time. The SA was helping us both. Then before my friend committed, I asked the SA if she would let my friend ALSO us my PCE discount. The SA said yes. We rang up separately. (Don't think I got my card back, it was close to the end of the extended date)

    I want to find out it my friend got a PCE card this time?
  5. There should be no problem.
  6. Last PCE my friend used my card and the SA gave it back to her "in case she wanted to use it again" and that was toward the end of it. I should've used it myself since I didn't get one this time around :sad:
  7. They let you use a split tender so you could always tell them to put X amount on one card and the rest on the other card...