Sharing my world..

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  1. 2279A4C9-8A15-4E7C-B973-14DBD5E56F62.jpeg 045C9359-E7FC-4B3F-B7FA-9D3B0584C163.jpeg Got this At Saks today... world bandeau. Thanks for letting me share this little piece of the world.
  2. Lovely! Congratulations!
  3. Beautiful bandeau
  4. I love this bandeau. Hope to add it to my collection next month. I'm always surprised to see it in stock online when I stock other wish list items.
  5. I think the website is great, I usally things there that I don’t se at the store. Place in cart and arrives a couple days later.
  6. I love that one! :heart: Enjoy it.