Sharing my small collection. please take a look

  1. So I'm pretty new here and to Coach and I am not really sure of the names of the bags I have purchased. I was hoping you could enjoy my very small collection while helping me identify the pieces I have!

    Thanks for looking everyone. I didn't want to post in the show your collections thread because I have noticed not everyone can be so nice about all Coach collections. I knew everyone here could appreciate and be happy along with me!

    No worries, my collection will grow fast now that I am in love. Hopefully soon I will add the scarf print hobo and watercolor stripe hobo, both of which I MUST have for my birthday!
  2. I can see you have gotten yourself off to a great start in your Coach collection. I am new here too but I can tell you that everyone is wonderful and will all support and enable you as your collection grows. I love the bags you want for your birthday! :yes:
  3. Cute collection. Thanks for sharing!
  4. love the small sig bag adorable!
  5. Cute stuff! That's a way to get a collection started! :smile:
    Thanks for sharing!
  6. Cute bags!!
  7. Thanks for sharing your collection. You are off to a great start. I :heart: your small sig bag, so adorable!
  8. You can say that again, especially if you start hanging around here! It will grow faster than you can possibly imagine!!

    You have picked out some really cute bags so far! Thanks for showing us your collection!
  9. Nice collection. Love the tan satchel!
  10. ahh i love the fish wristlet.

    and about it being a small collection, it will grow (especially with enablers around hehehe ;))
  11. I have got that same bag in black love it to death !
  12. Very nice pieces. Enjoy them. :smile:
  13. The satchel is fabulous! I have it in the burgundy/grey houndstooth check.
  14. cute collection im sure it'll get bigger and bigger.
  15. I love the tan one!
    My sister has the fish bag, and the small demi in black.
    Very nice bags.