Sharing my new LOVE!!!!!!!!~

  1. Cabas with you!!!:yahoo: I just got the most beautiful original Cabas!!!!!!:yahoo: I am so happy!!!!:yahoo:This bag is the bomb!!!!! This is the coolest bag ever!!! It's huge but gorgeous!!!:love: :love: :love:

    These are pictures from the beautiful seller that was so kind to pass it on to me (it's brand new)!!! I will post my own pics when I take them!!!!

  2. Gorgeous!!! :yes:
  3. OMG! i'm sooo jealous! i want one :crybaby:
    zac, u've been climbing ove rthe chanel side too :p
  4. I love that bag in chocolate! Can't wait to see your modeling photos. Congrats and welcome to Chanel!
  5. GORGEOUS!!! YAY! So glad you're happy with your big bag! :biggrin:
  6. The chocolate brown is so lush - congrats!
  7. Thanks everyone!!! xoxo

    Sea~ this is my second Chanel!!!:nuts: I think I'm following you!!!:p :heart:
  8. congratz!! :love: Cant wait for some modelling pics!! :yes:
  9. It is gorgeous...congrats on a great find!
  10. WOW!!! Congratulations on finding THE original cabas!! :yahoo:
  11. LOL zac, i wish this is my second chanel. u're soooo lucky, girl... :noggin:
  12. Wow, Congrats!! It's a gorgeous bag!:heart: :yahoo:
  13. Wow, HUGE! Looks great on you, congrats!
  14. Nice !!!!!!
  15. Yay for scoring a genuine great bag!!