Sharing my new love(s)

  1. I have been lusting after this bag for a few months and finally got it! Coordinating accessories courtesy of Bluefly! Do you like?


  2. Oooooh, me likey. Congrats girlie.:yahoo: I love those little Pink ones. Great match with your Brown.:tup:
  3. The bag is TDF!!!!!!!:love::love::love: OMG~ you have such amazing taste!!!!:heart: The pink wallet and make-up case are absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!:drool::love::heart:
  4. Gorgeous bag and pink accessories! I always loved the quarzo color, so rich and a nice pop of color against the brown.
  5. Your pink accessories are too cute! :love:
  6. The bag looks gorgeous, and the accessories are so cute! Congrats on your new purchases!
  7. They are all three gorgeous and delicious! What great purchases, congratulations! I love the quartzo wallet!
  8. Thanks all ^^^^ for your sweet comments! I usually shy away from light colored accessories but the bag lining is such a super soft tan suede that they are caressed inside the bag!

    I appreciate you letting me share with you!
  9. oooh this is one of my favorites ! congrats and enjoy the bag - it's super gorgeous !
  10. Pursemania - tell me do you have any regrets since buying your BVs? None right, cos' they are beautiful!
  11. BV makes the most beautiful classic and wonderful seasonal colours that are absolutely second to none!
  12. WOW. Gorgeous bag !!!

    Congrats and enjoy...
  13. gorgeous pieces!! the accessories just pop!! congrats
  14. I love your Quarzo pieces with the chain-detailed Veneta--stunning combo!
  15. mlbags: no regrets at all. The quality is superb and also very comfy to carry.

    All of your comments are so appreciated!