Sharing my new Bottega Veneta Cervo Cocker in Dusty Pink!!

  1. Hi fellow tPFers,

    I lurk everyday but post every so often, but didn't want to miss out sharing my new advance V-day+anniversary gift handpicked by my husband! I originally wanted a Chanel bag, but husband picked out this bag for me because he though it was so classy and beautiful in color. I'm in LOVE! :love:
    It's the new spring/summer '07 item. The color is Dusty Pink (or Poudre) and is a muted pink/lavendar color. I already have the chocolate large hobo and this bag's leather is just as buttery and even thicker on the non-woven portion! The inside is a beautiful powder pink suede. It can't get any better! Pink is my favorite color and I had been waiting forever for a nice pink bag to come out~~ :yahoo: And before I knew it, my hubby got me this bag. I was at first unsure of the Cocker bag itself, but after holding the plushy braided handles and seeing how it slouches nicely when I have stuff in it, I'm in love. It definitely feels and looks plushy. It had magnetic closure for the top flaps, so when you just fold back the top flap, it finds itself to the magnet of the other flap. Also, the side pockets have strong magnetic closure as well. I can put in over my shoulder w/a coat on as well, just need to slightly push it back a bit for it to fit nicely under the shoulder.

    Also, the BV SA sprayed a stain/water protectant on the bag in the backroom before bringing it out in a bag. He said any alcohol free leather protectant is safe to use and that they use it for their bags (I'm not sure about exotic though...but at least for smooth leather bags). They use 'Meltonian spray'. But I purchased Apple Garde and will spray my bag w/it before I start using it.

    I just wanted to share w/everyone b/c I enjoy all the BV threads and always wished that there was a BV subforum. And now, here are some pictures! IRL, there's a bit more pink hue than lavendar hue and is slightly brighter in color.
    bv1.JPG bv2.JPG bv3.JPG bv4.JPG
  2. its beautiful.... congrats......

    btw, I wish there was a BV subforum too....
  3. i love your new bag. i saw it this weekend at the boutique and it's just gorgeous. i also wish there was a bottega subforum. congrats and enjoy this beautiful bag.
  4. Beautiful!!! That is such a great shape and colour, enjoy!
  5. So beautiful! I love everything about that bag--enjoy!
  6. Beautiful bag! I am a BV fan because I love the quality of their leathers. This bag to me has a real classic shape that I think will always be in style. I've seen it many times in the stores. And a nice change from the hobo. Enjoy it!
  7. What a lovely bag! Congratulations. You sure are blessed to have such a sweet and wonderful husband....
  8. Soooooo pretty!
  9. Beautiful!!!!! Congrats & enjoy. =)
  10. Fantastic!!! Your hubby is a winner--that color is TDF. I have a different style BV with that braided handle and I can't explain why I love it so much--I guess because it's different and so substantial. You will get tons of compliments on this bag.

    And can I vote more than once (I am from Chicago, after all) for a BV forum?
  11. Thank you so much for all your wonderful replies! The SA said the Cocker is the new classic. It's truly a bag that won't go out of least for me. :smile:
  12. Its beautiful. What a perfect color for Valentine's Day. Enjoy!
  13. Wow, what a gorgeous color! Congrats on a beautiful present!
  14. That color is so rich looking - congrats on a gorgeous bag! Here, here to a BV forum!!
  15. You lucky girl!! Beautiful bag:yahoo::yahoo: