Sharing my modest LV collection

  1. It's not huge, but I love what I have. The last picture is of my oldest dd with a Cabas Piano. Though my dd's favorite bag is actually the Fuschia Houston.
    PS. I actually just put up my loafers on ebay so those don't really count anymore :lol:
  2. I wouldn't call that modest at all!!
    Neither would my husband LOL.
    It's a beautiful collecion. Thanks for sharing!
  3. :love: BEAUTIFUL!!! You daughter is SO CUTE!!!:flowers:
  4. Great collection!!! Your daughter is adorable!!!!
  5. Thanks for sharing. Your daughter is so cute! :smile:
  6. They're all beautiful, and cute daughter, too!
  7. Very pretty girl in the last pic :yes:
    Not huge? You have a great collection!
  8. And the "modest" part of the collection would be where exactly?!? GREAT stuff! Your collection is lovely and your dd is even more so! And she looks less than thrilled to be in the photo. Too cute!
  9. beautiful!
  10. Loely collection!!!
  11. Wow, nice collection and lovely daughter!
  12. Wow, great collection :love:. Your daughter looks so cute carrying that Cabas (I think?)
  13. I don't think thats modest either. Its quite nice!
  14. that's SOME collection!!!! *drools*
  15. Hannah!! Japster thats a great colection