Sharing my happiness and starting the year right!(Pics of my Jan2008 haul!)

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  1. Hi fellow tPfers. This is my first time to post and would like to share with you my source of happiness the past weeks.... looking at them just brings a big smile on my face. :smile: I've been bitten by the LV bug and can't seem to stop thinking about my next purchases.

    Without further ado, I would like to present to you my LV purchases since the start of the year (Sorry for the crappy pictures... it was taken from a mobile phone... cant seem to find my digital camera):

    For me:
    1) F/W2006 LE - Cabas Vail Blanket in Blue/Grey:graucho:
    2) S/S2008 LE - Soana Cabas in Marron:drool:
    3) F/W2007 LE - MonoBequia Porte Document Vertical in Anthracite:wlae:

    For my dear girlfriend:angel::heart::
    4) Damier Ebene Speedy 30

    I just love all my purchases and just cant stop thinking of all the other things I want to buy:

    F/W2006 - Cabas Whistler, Innsbruck
    S/S2006 - Tobago Shoebag in BLue
    S/S2007 - Soana Sacochee MM in Caramel
    S/S2008 - Soana Trottuer in Gris
    F/W2008 - Damier Graphite Keepall

    Am really into collecting LE men's bags now... I hope am still able to track down some the models from past seasons!:confused1:

    Anyways, sorry for the long post, am just too excited to share my happiness with you guys!:yahoo:
    Cabas Vail Blanket.JPG Soana Cabas Marron.JPG MonoBequia Porte-Document Vertical Anthracite.JPG Damier Ebene Speedy30.JPG
  2. Woah Nelly!! Fantastic haul! I'm in love with your Soana Cabas!!! Congrats and enjoy!
  3. So nice!!! enjoy
  4. P.S. What a good bf u r!!! :tup: You should write a book! :okay:
  5. Awesome bags! I love your Mono Bequia Porte Document Vertical :tup:
  6. gorgeous bags! congrats! good luck on your search for those past seasons L.E.
  7. wow, gorgeous pieces!
  8. OMG.... love yr LE...:wtf::drool:
  9. Fabulous haul! Congrats!
  10. very nice, congrats!
  11. Beautiful!

    Must get my S.O. to take a look.

    Congratulations, and enjoy.
  12. Congrats...all beautiful collectibles !!
  13. Congrats!!!!!
  14. Whoa, congrats and you've got yourself a lucky GF!
  15. Wow nice..everything is gorgeous! Congrats!! :biggrin: