Sharing my first ever coin purse with my beloved Bal forum PFers!

  1. Hi everyone!

    I'd like to introduce you to my first ever coin purse - 05 navy! :yahoo: After this first baby - I hope to add more soon!

    The first two shots are in different lighting - and I was actually surprised to see that 05 navy changes colours in different lighting!



    And here's a pic of the 05 navy coin purse on my 05 pewter first for size reference. I think they make a pretty combination. :love:


    I'm currently using the coin purse as my ipod holder. LOVING it!! Thanks for letting me share!!!
  2. How adorable!!! I :heart: coin purses, and 05 Navy was such a great color. Your collection is growing nicely, J!
  3. Congratulations! I just got a navy twiggy in the mail today, too, and couldn't believe how gorgeous the color was. Its like worn denim.

    Also, coin purses are so cute. I want like 20 of them in all different colors. Then I could put them in a lighted display case. Wouldn't that be cool!
  4. Thanks A! After having to downsize my bbag collection in January... I'm hoping I'll be able to grow it further in the future. But after my most recent big purchase (and incidentally - falling off of the purse ban wagon), I'll probably have to cool it for a bit!
  5. Congrats on your navy twiggy!! Yeah - such a gorgeous colour and GREAT leather! lol.. sometimes I decide I need to skip a song or do something on my ipod just so that I can touch and pet the coin purse.. :shame:

    A coin purse collection would be amazing! :girlsigh: heehee.. I like that idea - lighted display case - just like if we were collecting swarovski crystals (which I also do...)
  6. So pretty!! :love:

    I love your pewter first!!! :nuts:
  7. I love them both! Pewter is so eye-catching.
  8. Wow, J!! What a cute little coin purse! :heart: I love it, and it looks great with your pewter, which is also GORGEOUS!! Congrats! :yahoo:
  9. Oooooooooh...

    I LOVE Coin Purses and I LOVE 05' Navy :nuts:

    Perfect combo


    The color is so pretty and I can see how it can reflect different tones depending on the lighting!!

    So very very cute!!
    (I think I'd want to lick it if I had one!)
  11. :yahoo: Congrats J!!!:yahoo: It's such a stunning color that works beautifully in your TDF collection!!!!:love: :love: :love:
  12. i have the navy mini purse too :yes:
    we're mini purse twins :party:
  13. LOVE IT:yahoo:
  14. Oooh love it:love: Congrats Jadecee! They absolutely make a great pair :drool:
  15. CONGRATS!:yahoo: I LOVE my coin purses and they hold SO much! I want MORE! ENJOY and I'm sure that won't be your last!