Sharing my Etoupe Swift birkin - but i'm sending it back

  1. Hello!

    I bought a 35cm etoupe birkin from a re-seller and it came yesterday. The leather is swift and it doesn't sing to me so I'm sending it back. But I wanted to share with you the pics so you can see the color and so you can see how swift is pretty mushy and soft.

    This particular bag has been lightly used (k stamp) and honestly, if there was plastic on the h/w you'd think it was brand new. The first pic is with a flash, the others are with no flash so they appear a bit darker. The best color representation is the close up pic.

    do you see how it sags if it's just sitting there?

    I do LOVE the color though! I just think I'm more of a clemence girl myself.

    What are your thoughts? Honestly! Swift or clemence if it was you?!
    etoupe 1.jpg etoupe 2.jpg etoupe 3.jpg etoupe 4.jpg
  2. It is gorgeous- are you sure? If it were me I would keep it and the color is so neutral. Sleep on it and see what you think tomorrow?
  3. I love that bag. I think it's so classy and I love soft smooshy leather!
  4. i thought etoupe looks so pretty on swift as compared to clemence... on clemence, it looks darker so it doesnt catch my fancy.

    they are both rather slushy leathers, just diff shades & textures...

    if it doesnt make your heart sing, then you shldnt compromise since it is such an expensive bag. :biggrin:
  5. i would get it in clemance instead with that skin your bound to see scratches amd yes you can send it to the spa but i personally don't like having to up keep it a lot the color is lovely though
  6. I don't know - I feel so worried about what swift will look like 3, 4, 5 years from now. I guess the smoothness of it kinda scares me. I think if it was a 30cm I'd love it more -- but it's so much "smooth and matteness" in a 35. It's hard to describe but it almost feels bigger than my other 35's. (I have a rouge vif chevre and a bj togo).

    I have never seen etoupe in clemence so I do wonder how etoupe appears on it.
  7. I think it's a beautiful bag. I like Birkins slouchy. I like them ANY way. I love etoupe and think it's a gorgeous neutral. Birkins, for me, have been hard to get so I would think long and hard about sending it back. I understand your concern about the leather because Swift hasn't got a long track record. There are many on TPF who have it in various colors and are happy with its performance.

    This would be a very tough decision for me.
  8. Personally I like Etoupe in Swift both in terms of the colour and smoother leather. Well I do not really like Clemence, too grainy, esp for Birkin. I think the smoothness of Swift lends a slightly less casual feel to the slouchiness of it in 35 (hope I'm making sense here). Unless you like your Birkin really slouchy and casual. I tend to prefer Birkin in stiffer leathers to accord more of an elegant look. I would say follow your heart. :heart:
  9. I have a be-bop in swift & it does not scratch easily even though it looks as though it should be just the opposite. It is such a creamy soft leather.
  10. Oooh that's pretty. Sure you want to send it back? Wouldn't you rather send it to me?? :graucho:
  11. It's a beautiful bag.
  12. The color is beautiful but if you really prefer Clemence I would send it back. Clemence and Swift are worlds apart in looks. My SA says they wear differently as well with Clemence being sturdier.
  13. I love the look of that leather, I think it's pretty :heart:
  14. I love Etoupe in Swift. :love:


  15.'s beautiful! Are you absolutely sure you don't like it? Why don't you sleep on it for a day before making up your mind?