Sharing my collection

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  1. I've been admiring everyone's collections here, and decided to share mine! I started with a Fendi in 2000. My next 2 bags were the Gucci's, and then the Vuitton journey began. Enjoy!


    These were Christmas gifts from DH...I've only used baggy once. I can't wait to wear my shoes when the snow melts!

  2. Very nice :smile:
  3. Lovely collection :smile:
  4. oh so pretty!
  5. lovely
  6. Very nice! thanks for sharing
  7. Loving your collection:heart: :heart:
  8. those are HOT shoes!
  9. beautiful! Thanks for sharing!
  10. beautiful!! love your multi colored LV's and your fendi bag !:smile:
  11. I love the denim LV with matching shoes! Thanks for sharing!
  12. Very nice.
  13. Love your collection-especially the denim LV
  14. Love your collection!
  15. nice shoes!