Sharing my Black Friday Gucci outlet experience


Jun 12, 2010

I thought I'd share with you my Gucci Outlet experience on Black Friday. I went to the Cabazon outlet in CA. I arrived at 8pm, one hour ahead of the 9pm opening. The line was already 200 people deep! Not thinking it would take too long, I got in line. Through the window, the promotional bags that were on sale were on full display $99 each! Yes, $99 each. They are the signature printed shoppers...I am assuming "made for outlet" but still, a good deal, in black and in brown. So...worth the wait I figured. As did everyone else ahead of me.

Hour by hour, passed. The store let the initial 30 people in, then it was a slow trickle of 6-7 people every 20-30 minutes....the cashiers were really slow, and really only 4 cash registers.

There were people cutting in line, and some really upset women almost having fist fights to get the "cutters" out of line. After 5 hours, we finally got in! Yes 5 hours!

Once inside, shelves were restocked, so lots of bags. But most were "made for outlet", with only a few nice bags that were still not cheap. In fact, the prices other than the $99 promotional bag, were exactly the same as they are on a regular outlet day. A few select shoes 50% off, but large sizes only, and some very old worn out clothes (previous returns I think) at 50% off. All other accessories, clothes, bags no additional discount.

So the promotional bags were gone when I arrived from the shelf. There was a line forming on one end of the store, and I figured must be line to get the bag. It was. A brave SA male, he would go to the back room, and come back with a big shopping bag full of these bags....nearly getting clawed and jumped by frantic shoppers. Limit was 4 per person. Some old lady tried to tackle a bag out of my hand. I ended up with 2.

We also got a nice gucci canvas overnight bag for $460. So then I got in took another hour to pay!!!

I didn't leave that store until 6am. It was the only store I could go to. Every other store had huge lines as well.

Never again! Promotional bag was not worth nearly getting trampled by crazed women and men was obviously a made for outlet bag, but I figured it was still cheap and I waited all this time mind as well.

My advice to Gucci outlet...please consider more cashiers, a better system to get people in and out quick, and more sale prices to make it worth our wild.

My advice to Purseblog forum...avoid Black Friday at the Gucci Outlet.


Jan 24, 2006
Long Island<3 NY
Your a champ! I would LOVE a $99 gucci tote, but I can only imagine the animals you had to deal with at the outlets after my black friday walmart fiasco last year. Great tote!


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Jul 10, 2010
San Fran, Cali Love
Thanks for your thread! I have always wondered if it was worth going to a Gucci outlet as I am in San Francisco. I wouldn't have the patience to go through what you went through, but, I think you got a great tote. It's very lovely and I would sport it in a minute. Thanks again for sharing!! :cool:
Jan 25, 2009
I wanna see your bag. The link you posted is not working. I wanna kno what kept you so determined to stay on line for so many hours. I tried it once at Woodbury Commons in NY and never again. Black Friday is not as fun as it use to be.


Jun 12, 2010
What kept me in line was that behind me there was like 200 other crazy people sticking it out. So I felt like "okay I'm so much closer than them, so I'm going to stick it out". My hubby stayed in line while I went to look at other stores and vice versa. But still, it was really tiring and really not worth it. But glad you gals like the bag.

I'll post pics.