Sharing is Caring! Calling all SA's and other Chanel "insiders"

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  1. Have a tip or photos (about Chanel or its products) you want to share, but don't feel comfortable posting it? PM me the info or email me the photo and I will post it for you!

    The purpose of my involvement is to help disseminate helpful information to the consumer community (that impacts Chanel consumers). Please refrain from sharing anything that is a personal attack, catty, etc. or just generally unhelpful.

    Some examples of things you may wish to share:
    - "Spy" photos you took secretly at a trunk show but don't want to post under your username
    - Photos of items your SA texted you that you don't want to post under your username
    - Information about upcoming sales, promos, discounts, price increases, etc. that is too premature to be publicly available
    - If you are an SA or employee and have important information (like the new repair policy) or announcement that would affect consumers
    - General Chanel insider news or information

    Of course, you are always encouraged to engage directly in the community, but I'm here to help when you can't for some reason.

    I will never share or disclose my sources! Either PM me info, or send photos to

    Disclaimer: this being said, any information that I share or post is relaying things sent to me; I cannot guarantee the accuracy of such images or statements as my involvement is to relay helpful information to the consumer community here only on the Purse Forum.
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  2. Good luck with this. You have one post, so I doubt that many people will open up to you. #generally unhelpful
  3. I hope people will be warm, I love our Chanel members! #Ibelieve :biggrin:
  4. Well, I think this is great!
  5. Why not?? We are all in this together.....furthering our Chanel VERY GOOD!!
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  6. Lol you are funny!!

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  7. This is great!!!! Wish I had something to share.
  8. I don't know....why would anyone be afraid to post something under their screen name?

    Encouraging members to post info this way just doesn't seem like all that great of an idea; especially from a new member. Is TPF endorsing this, and is this why you have a tpf email?
  9. i think OP means for anything they don't feel comfortable sharing themselves. e.g., lots of SAs on here who have gotten in trouble etc.

    P.S. reminds me of a Tips column or Wikileaks
  10. And then the OP breaks off to form a competing website with TPF :smile:
  11. What is interesting is that OP joined in 2011
  12. Rome wasn't built in a day and neither was TPF. It requires A LOT of time, energy, sanity and grit. And time. And energy. Did I mention a lot of time and energy? Good luck to anyone who tries to compete lol
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    :P . Our community guidelines talk about not posting materials that we don't have permission to distribute and to not violate certain info/trade secrets. Doesn't this kind of go against that?
  14. Yeah....this could go bad real fast.
  15. + 1