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  1. I am running into a problem here. I love it when ppl enjoy Balenciga as much as I do, especially when I am in the Forum talking with you guys. But I have a little problem when it comes to my friend. Two of my closest girlfriends admire my tastes:blush:, and I introduced them to BBags and now they are into it too. But, they are getting the exactly same color bags as I do!!! I mean, we see each others like every weekend and I really don't mind carrying the same bag with them, but same colors... you know what I mean?!!!:s (With you guys, it's different because we live in different places and all, and we all have our own opinions!)

    I dont mean to be like selfish, like, oh, this is MINE color and you have to get a different one, but they are totally just flat out copying me. They don't look at the swatch colors or anything, and they d just order what I ordered!!!:blink:

    I just got off the phone of one of them, and I told her about the Ocean Blue that I wanted to get, and she said, "oh, can you call Balenciaga tomorrow and put me on the waiting list too?" And I was like, "are you sure you don't want to look at other colors??" And she said, " No, it's ok, I trust you!"............

    I mean, I should feel flattered, but...... it has begun to get on my nerves!!!!!!!!!!!! :crybaby:

    Do any of you have similar stories?!! or am I the only one that feels this way..... PLEASE tell me I am not WEIRD!!!!!
  2. damn, that sucks. I'd just playfully tell them to stop copying me, but then give them *i'm actually serious* look.

    usually works.
  3. it wouldn't bother me. I think it would be fun if my friends bought the same bags as me. there are alot of women out there with the same bags I have so it makes no difference to me if my friends have them too. copy away as long as they don't try to live my life too! then I gotta call the psych ward...
  4. Just think how many of us are down for Violet and Jaune in here, - we will be sharing pictures of the same colors and styles this fall, but still we love to :drool: over each others bags, because it is more fun to share, and all the bags seem to have different leather and look so unique..

    My friends think I am crazy buying such expensive bags - except for one, who is in to Chanel, and knows they don't come for free... Be happy that your friends love your style.. We all look unique ourselves, so these georgeous bags compliment us in different ways... :yes: Just take a look at the thread with pictures of members carrying there bags.. Good luck..
  5. ok, let me clarify something. They are my friends and I love them to death. BUT, I just wish they have some opinions on their own you know!! Same bags I dont really mind, but at least look at the swatches and decide what you like on your own, you know!... sigh... it's so hard to explain, but when we go out and we carry the same exactly color bag, it just doesn't make it as special anymore... I mean, it's like, it's me who's picking the colors for all 3 of us!!! :hrmm:

    They have already taken on my liking on Tory Burch Flats, Marc Jacobs tops, and J brand skinny jeans... now.... We are like 3 identical persons..............
  6. My little sister does the same thing to me! with clothes bbags,with almost everything! I guess that's what little sisters are meant to do....friends well ...that's pushing it:rolleyes:
  7. this is soo terrible of me to say this:graucho:...

    but I think it'd be funny if you were like "oh, I'm totally on the waitlist for __________ (fill in the blanks with a color that you do not plan on getting)" and then when they ask to buy the same bag you say "that's fine." But in reality, you are actually on the waitlist for _____ (fill in the blanks with the actual color you want). :P

    If they ever ask about it, you can just say that you changed your mind! :biggrin:
  8. Ha ha ha.. Evychew, you are so funny!!! I have never thought of that! It's a pretty good idea indeed! :graucho::graucho::graucho:.. Ha ha ha
    hmmmm... should I really try?! ha ha ha... God, I hope my friends don't find this forum! Oh, shoot, did I tell them about it already?!!:wacko:
  9. Just come clean and tell your friends about it irritating you.. That would be the coolest thing to do... If it really bothers you..
  10. I understand exactly how you feel. I've had friends like that too. At first, it's kinda flattering and it's not really a big deal if you guys happen to have similar taste. But when it's constantly happening, it gets quite annoying. You almost feel like you're losing some sense of individuality. It's great that they happen to like Bbags too but not if they want every exact bag that you have. There's so many other options in color and styles for them to choose from. But clothes too? It's almost like they have no sense of style of their own and figure it's easier to just copy you. With 1 friend it's hard enough-but with 2? I feel your pain and it's difficult to confront them about it because, after all, they are your friends. I still haven't found a nice way to confront one of my friends yet and it's been 10 years!
  11. OH, MY, Thanks for your understanding!! You know what I am talking about right?!! Again, I love them, but yeah, they copy!! I have tried to confront them, but i guess I just can't really do it..... :sweatdrop:
  12. I guess I'm in the minority here because I would be annoyed too!! I don't think you are being selfish at all!

    I would actually enjoy having friends that carried BBags so that we could talk and obsess over them together BUT it would be nice to have different colors and styles so that you look like individuals when you are together.

    I think this situation is completely different than having the same bags as cyber-friends.

    I would tell them directly how you feel or figure out a way to get them to order different colors.
  13. I hear ya, i would be totally psyched if my friends got into bbags but if they got all the same colors as me in the same style, that would annoy me bc there are so many color options! btw you must have amazing style if they are now copying you head to toe!
  14. Don't worry. If they are buying the same bag colours as you, they're just copying. They aren't actually into Bbags (yet) like you. Perhaps this is just a phase. Perhaps if they're real fashionistas, they'll realise the mistake of matching accessories and change colours (???) I am sure this is just a phase. Give them 4 months and see how it is then. What's the bet they would have found their own style / colours by then!
  15. that sucks i had that problem before, and i'm usually really sraightforward so i tell it to them like this: dude, you should pick another color so when we go out we won't look like twins. OR just say man i love color X, and if they said they want that, change ur color to Y. and be like, yeh at first i liked that, now i like this, but you didn't tell me to change it so whatever.. AND if they don't like it then just exchange it.. what the big deal on that u kno?